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Technical Information - Fire Escape Ladder     Test results from Queens Univesity - Belfast  

Bearing Capacity

- Rungs: 12 people equivalent to 15 stone each

- Stiles: 12 people equivalent to 15 stone each

The above weights equate to more than a tonne on the Fire Escape Ladder.


Key Features - Fire Escape Ladder

- Unobtrusive and discreet in appearance

- Fully encased moving parts - protected from weathering

- Compact in size - robust in strength

- Fully POWDER COATED Aluminium

- Serrated white rungs ensure a safe and visible foothold

- Opens at 90 degrees to the house - easy to use - easy to locate rungs

- Opens from the top - eliminating security problems

- Unique release mechanism - easy to operate

- Works with gravity for increased stability

- Can be used up to seven stories high - with sections opening in any sequence

- Scientifically tested - Queens University Belfast

- Choice of colours

- Most windows can be modified to accept Fire Escape Ladder



Heights: 3.9 metres

Width: Closed 92mm

Open: 375mm


Number: 12

Useable Width: 305mm


4 No wall fixing brackets, 2 fixings to each, 8 in total - all fixings and drill bit supplied.


Fire Escape (UK) Limited now have the answer - a fire escape ladder that will save lives.