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What are Fire Escape Ladders....?


Fire Escape Ladders are a highly innovative yet simple device that is designed to save lives.

Simple in Concept

Simple to install

Simple to use


Fire Escape Ladders are a permanent, but collapsible, safety ladder for emergency use in the event of fire in your home. It will help you and your family to escape quickly, easily and safely from an upper storey window in the event of all downstairs exits being blocked.

Once installed on an outside wall of your home, the fire escape folds away neatly and discreetly to resemble an unobtrusive rainwater downpipe. It is easily installed, fully weather resistant and maintenance free. The ladder comes fully assembled complete with all fixing bolts and comprehensive fixing instructions.

How does it work...........?        

Simple...... In the event of fire - open the escape window and remove the cap from the top of the fire escape.

Gravity takes over and the ladder opens at 90 degrees to the house. Safe exit can now be made from the building.

Fire Escape Ladders are simple to operate by all - why take the risk.