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In the UK there are more than 65000 domestic fires every year.

13500 people are injured in domestic fires every year.

500 people tragically die in domestic fires every year.

Mission Statement

" We aim to ensure that all people have the ability to rescue

themselves and their loved ones from a household fire

with the use of the fire escape ladder"

About Us  

Fire Escape (UK) Ltd are the UK's sole manufacturer and supplier of the unique - life saving - Fire Escape Ladder. We have built up a nationwide network of distributors and installers to ensure that wherever you are in the United Kingdom we have an agent in your area.

All Fire Escape (UK) Ltd products come complete with a 5 year guarantee. To ensure that your product is guaranteed direct with the manufacturer please complete the on line guarantee form and your unique guarantee can then be down loaded and printed for future reference.

The ethos of the company is to continually develop and launch new home and fire safety products, which compliment the fire escape ladder.

Why not bookmark our page to keep up to date on future product development.

The owners of this house have got their exits covered. They have two fire escape windows and two fire escape ladders.

Better safe than sorry.