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In the UK there are more than 65000 domestic fires every year.

13500 people are injured in domestic fires every year.

500 people tragically die in domestic fires every year.


The facts are simple to understand - fire is a killer.

The building regulations in the UK now state that all new houses must have a fire escape window at first floor level and above, as well as a hard wired smoke alarm. What the regulations do not account for is how to escape in the event of fire.

The Government recommendation is to throw cushions, bedding and soft furnishings out of the window to break your fall. No mention of a fire escape comes into the recommendations.

In reality we know that many people will not jump from a window but will instead wait for the Fire Services. This could be potentially fatal as smoke can be the main killer in a fire. The safest and best solution is to leave the building.

The Fire Escape has been developed to give all occupants of a building the opportunity to safe themselves and their loved ones in the event of a fire.


Fire Escape (UK) Limited now have the answer - a fire escape ladder that will save lives.